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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Google Goes Galactic

Hmmm firstly god knows how this entry will look, last time I tried to
do a post via email it ended up white with white text :/ so this time
I'm doing it in plain text.

Google and Nasa have announced a new joint venture today, pretty cool IMO

You can read the full deatails here:
(Apologies for crappyness of link, like I said earlier this entry is
getting done via a plain text email.)

While I promising idea the closing comment from Scott Hubbard,
director of Nasa Ames Center got my back up:

"While our joint efforts will benefit both organisations, the real
winner will be the American public"

What about the rest of the bloody world? You gonna keep all these
advancements for yourselves?


At 11:22 AM, Anonymous Rad said...

NASA are always having to fight for funding. There are a lot of critics of NASA in the U.S. Senate, so they (nasa) have to justify the outlay by saying the country will benefit in some way.

Naturally the rest of the world will benefit at some point probably when the martians attack. :)


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